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Selling Your Home

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, now is better than ever. There is a smaller number of houses on the market than usual, so your home will stand out as a potential purchase. While you already have a good chance of selling quickly, there are a few home projects you can take on to spur the process and get the best price possible. Here’s what you need to know, presented below by Strikes Construction.


Why Go to the Trouble?

If your house isn’t in horrible condition, you might be wondering why you can’t just sell as-is. The answer is you can, but you won’t get as much bang for your buck.


  • If you’re selling your home, it will need to be appraised.

  • Sprucing things up can snag a higher appraisal value for your home.

  • Having a high appraisal value matters because anyone who’s interested in buying your home will be more likely to get the loan they need.

  • Home projects can be as easy as adding a fresh coat of paint or trimming your shrubs.

  • For more serious projects, get in touch with Strikes Construction.


Start With Curb Appeal

The first thing buyers will see is the outside of your home, whether they look at photos online or drive by. Cleaning up your curb appeal will draw more buyers.


  • Freshening up your house numbers is easy and inexpensive.

  • Pressure washing your home will get rid of the layer of grime, mildew, and dirt that builds up over time.

  • Plant flowers to add some color to your lawn.

  • Maybe even add some flower window boxes or shutters.

  • Installing outdoor lights will make the home feel safer and brighten it up for anyone driving by after the sun sets.

  • Repair any damaged concrete on your property (find a trusted contractor on sites like Angi for this task).


What About Inside the Home?

After you’ve tidied up your home’s outer appearance, there are also a couple of easy projects you can take on indoors.


  • Decluttering your home will open things up and make space seem larger.

  • One of the easiest ways to make your home more appealing is to give it a deep clean.

  • Painting is a low-cost way to give the interior of your home a facelift. Choose neutral colors.

  • Replacing doorknobs is quick and easy.


What Else Can You Do?

Once you’re done with these home projects, you might be wondering if there’s anything else you can do to make your home sell faster.


  • Work with a real estate agent who knows the area and has the experience to navigate the selling (and buying) process easily.

  • Hire a professional photographer who can help showcase the work you put into your home.

  • Remove personal touches (for example, photos, memorabilia, important documents, etc.) from your home before showings.


Doing a few easy projects goes a long way when you’re trying to sell your home. To top things off, connect with a real estate agent and make sure your home is professionally photographed. Soon you’ll be passing the keys to the buyer.

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